Jen Bennett

Name:  Jen Bennett


Occupation: Gallery Owner/Citadel Graduate Student

Background:  Born in California,Charlestonian for the past 6 years, and Crossfit is my first attempt at sporty-spiceness.

How/why did you get started in CrossFit?: During my internal crisis over turning 30, I was told: You are too young not to be in shape! I needed workouts that would allow me to utilize my determination, not be repetitive because I bore easily, and immediate and quick results.  Crossfit has it all.

What do you like most about Palmetto CrossFit?: A tie between three things: The awesomeness of the folks I work out with, the variety of the workouts (I still don’t think I have done the same workout twice), and the plethora of female trainers!

How has your life changed since CrossFit? I’m happier, stronger, more flexible, more agile, and I feel better about myself.

What is the one thing you would like to accomplish through CrossFit? A handstand pushup… When I started crossfit I could barely do a knee push-up.  Now, I can do full box push-ups (a few at a time anyway) and can kick myself into inverted position
into a handstand.  Almost there!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining PCF?  DO IT!! You will never feel guilty about eating chocolate again… just glad you have some extra energy to push you
through a workout!!

What is your favorite animal and why?  A momma hippopotamus… sweet and gentle wading in the river, cute squishy cheeks, but upon threat shows everyone she’s the strongest and most vicious animal on the planet.

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